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Grants overview

We seek out charities that not only possess a strong sense of direction but also demonstrate an unwavering determination to make a meaningful impact in areas that resonate deeply with our core values. Through this careful selection process, we aim to forge partnerships that amplify the collective efforts toward creating a better and more compassionate world.

A few small steps to

create big change.

We offer grants either in response to applications and/or an expression of interest, to a need or opportunity identified by Sheargold Foundation’s board.

To apply, follow these steps:


Take a look at Sheargold Foundation’s website to determine if your organisation or project may qualify for a grant.


If you believe it’s suitable, complete the online grant application below.


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Apply for a grant

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Upon review if Sheargold Foundation feel your organisation could be a strong fit for granting we will be in contact to request further information. We aim to respond to all applications however unfortunately this is not always possible due to time constraints.

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