Celebrating 10 years of creating

meaningful and lasting change

in our community.

We’re transforming

the lives of individuals

and the communities

they live in.

our story
our story

Through our grants, we provide

support and assistance for

not-for-profit or charitable

organisations working in the

areas of education, welfare,

health, and wellbeing.

We select our charitable partnerships very carefully and offer a sustained level of funding over the long term to ensure we’re investing in a way that really makes a difference.

our impact
our impact

We aspire to foster the pursuit

of knowledge, enhance one’s

wellbeing, deliver with integrity,

and create the future.

The Foundation aims to identify charities that have a strong direction, a driving desire to make a difference, and that closely align with our purpose and values.

Future grants
Future grants
Grant Applications

When assessing organisations, we primarily consider their concept and potential impact. We don’t dwell on any shortfalls in capacity, skills or capability, which we aim to overcome through our long-term assistance.

Our support is not always passive; we look to use the skills and experience of our Board members to assist the charities that we support.

Apply here
Apply here

Established by Sheargold,

we are committed to

ensuring positive change

in everything we do.

For us, CSR is not just a concept, it is embedded in our DNA. We established the Sheargold Foundation to solidify our social and environmental responsibilities to ensure the success of our business is shared.


We’re positively impacting

individuals and communities

through a wide range of


Sheargold Foundation’s team is a bunch of talented, determined and passionate individuals who select programs that create meaningful and lasting change in our communities.


The latest news.

May 23, 2024

As part of our expanded Pledge 1% commitment the Sheargold team has introduced a volunteering program. For our first session under this program we supported Story Factory, an organisation the Sheargold Foundation has supported over several years. The team was taken through a creative writing exercise to understand the benefit that Story Factory brings to the schools in which they work and then helped type up students work to assist with the publication process. It was an amazing experience and we can't wait to see the final result! - - #volunteering #volunteeringday #volunteerwork #pledge1 #nationalvolunteerweek #pledge1percent #sheargoldfoundation #sheargold #inspiringspaces #meaningfulandlastingchange @sheargoldfoundation @sheargold.co #excitingnews #givingback @pledge1percent

April 23, 2024

Exciting news! 🌟 Our new website is officially live! Visit www.sheargoldfoundation.co to discover our story, values, and our commitment to creating meaningful and lasting change in our community – a testament to our inspiring legacy of over 10 years! Don't forget to check out the link in bio to visit our website! #ExcitingNews #WebsiteLaunch #NewWebsite #officiallylive #sheargoldfoundation

April 1, 2024

For the second year running @queenwoodschool , @footpathlibrary , @sheargoldfoundation have collaborated to make a difference in the lives of those experiencing homelessness and hardship over this Easter period. @queenwoodschool , Teachers, and year 2 students did an amazing job at creating Easter egg bags and heartfelt cards. These were then handed out by the @footpathlibrary team and @sheargoldfoundation at the Martin Place mobile library on Thursday evening. It was incredible to see the impact this act of kindness had on those who received the Easter bags over the Easter period. Thank you to Queenwood for seeing the importance of giving back and helping others and to Footpath Library for continuing to do the great work they do to support those experiencing hardship everyday.

March 29, 2024

@sheargoldfoundation is proudly to be a part of this collaboration with @queenwoodschool & @footpathlibrary

March 19, 2024

Sheargold Foundation is proud to be a part of the ‘NSW Government and Philanthropy Australia Roundtable’ Government, Philanthropy, and Young people working together to finds ways to better support and help to make a difference for Young people in NSW

March 11, 2024

An inspiring evening listening to the young writers tell their stories at @sydneystoryfactory at ‘An Evening with Young Writers From: Year of Poetry & Year of the Novella’ the other week.

February 1, 2024

December 20, 2023

10 years of making meaningful and lasting change in our community. Thank you to all the incredible staff and volunteers who put in countless hours, care, and support to make a difference in the world. We look forward to what the next 10 years hold

December 13, 2023

It’s so important at Sheargold Foundation to see the programs we support firsthand. The other week I was able to observe a @deltatherapydogs Classroom canine visit with the incredible David & Mindy (therapy team) at a Sydney School. This visit reiterated the importance of therapy dogs and the impact they have on those they visit. Through Mindy’s calm nature she helped the children to break down their barriers, build connections, and brought a sense of calm greatly needed 🐾🐾🐾

November 15, 2023

Congratulations @footpathlibrary on your 20 year anniversary 📚 You have made such a difference to so many lives over all these years. @sheargoldfoundation are proud to be supporting this great work

October 24, 2023

We are incredibly proud of continuing to support the PeerChat program by @reachout_aus ReachOut is a leading online mental health service in Australia supporting young people and their families during tough times. The PeerChat program provides young Australians with the opportunity to book in a session via the ReachOut website to talk with a peer worker who has experience with mental health challenges and to use this experience to support others. The Sheargold Foundations grant contributes to the cost of a part time PeerChat worker. This support enables ReachOut to facilitate 1000 PeerChat sessions over a 12-month period. With mental health at an all time high for our young people, this program provides an important platform assisting young Australians to overcome mental health challenges. ReachOut Australia

October 10, 2023

The Sheargold Foundation is incredibly proud to be supporting @alnf_ The Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation. ALNF is a national charity assisting children in our most marginalised communities to gain vital language, literacy and communication skills. ALNF’s specialised and innovative programs address the needs of a diverse range of individuals and communities, specifically targeting First Nations, refugee and other vulnerable Australians. The Sheargold Foundation’s grant assists with the Breakfast Library program, that supports children by supplying them with a regular, healthy breakfast to enhance health and wellbeing, whilst boosting literacy development by gifting each child with a brand new and engaging book to collect and keep every fortnight. - The Australian Literacy & Numeracy Foundation (ALNF)

September 25, 2023

The Sheargold Foundation is incredibly proud to be working with our new grantee @braillehouse Braille House is a free lending library and braille transcribing organisation that transforms text materials into alternate tactile formats, including braille and e-braille, as well as maps and other accessible formats such as large print. Beyond books, Braille House is experienced in the provision of other tactile resources such as menus, health information, tactile QR code indicators, maps and models, emergency evacuation information packs and local neighbourhood watch newsletters. Braille House’s focus is ‘Narrowing the Great Divide’ in literature availability for young braille readers. For every 100 books a sighted child has access to, a blind child only has access to five. Children who are blind or have low vision deserve to have the same access to quality literature as their peers. We need to reduce the great divide in resources. The Sheargold grant will assist in ‘Narrowing the Great Divide’ in literature availability. We look forward to sharing further updates from Braille House.